Monday, August 27, 2007

"Maybe So" becomes the first published piece for the new series, "Hope and Dreams" - C. Trunks

"Maybe So" 20"x16" limited edition giclee on paper. "Maybe So" is the first of 6 black and white (pen & ink) abstracts that will make up a series (or collection) of art focusing on our hope and dreams. Completion of this series is scheduled for early 2008.

What's "Maybe So" all about? Read on...

“Life is what happens when what you planned doesn’t work out.” What a great line. I’m not sure who said that but I am sure everyone would agree. To me, our hopes and dreams point us in a particular direction – after that – the entropic nature of everyday life either fulfills that destiny or unceremoniously catapults us in a completely foreign trajectory.

The six faces are of the same girl. The subtle variations of her expression are meant to remind us how emotions will fluctuate when life vacillates between supporting and challenging our own hopes and dreams. And despite serpentine lines and wayward butterflies adding to the composition’s message that life doesn’t always cooperate with us, I like to imagine that if you asked this young lady if she thinks her dreams will come true, she’d say – “maybe so.”

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