Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Chuck Trunks Introduces Color Into His Lastest Work, "Glamtropolis"!

"Glamtropolis" 16"x20" limited edition giclee on paper. "Glamtropolis" is the second abstract within a series of art focusing on our hope and dreams. Completion of this series is scheduled for early 2008.

What's "Glamtropolis" all about? Read on...

I'm really not sure what inspired me to do this composition. How strange – a strong premonition without the usual moment of Zen? Did I watch too many episodes of 'Dr. 90210'? Spend too much time eavesdropping on gossiping gym hotties? Or is this piece the result of subconsciously acting out against those sultry LA art gallery managers who feigned interest in my modest portfolio?

The key to this work is the background – which offers at least one reason for this woman's expression. I wanted the mosaic to embody the hardwired look of a circuit board schematic coupled with the busy attributes of a downtown map highlighting the trendy hotspots of the bold and beautiful. That way, I can suggest that this particular citizen of Glamtropolis has finally burned out from the seemingly endless loop of having to see and be seen.

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