Friday, November 9, 2007

Trunks' latest work, "Paper Doll," is a perfect addition to his latest series!

"Paper Doll" 24"x32" limited edition giclees on canvas and paper. "Paper Doll" is the third abstract within a series of art focusing on our hope and dreams. Completion of this series is scheduled for early 2008.

What's "Paper Doll" all about? Read on...

Sometimes (when I'm desperate enough) a movie scene can provide me with all the inspiration I need to create a new piece of art. Remember, "Show me the money!" from the Tom Cruise picture "Jerry Maguire?" Great – but this composition isn't about that. Same movie though. Instead, 'Paper Doll' stems from what a coach bound Renee Zellwegger tells her son about First Class while taxiing down the runway.

Simply put, 'Paper Doll' is about wanting to be somewhere else – and everyone knows that somewhere else is always better – right? The girl in this piece believes she can be clipped out like a paper doll and attached to a place where everything is seemingly perfect – or as Ms. Zellwegger put it, "It used to be a better seat, now it's just a better life."

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