Thursday, June 12, 2008

Upcoming Group Show at the Old Town Studio Gallery in Camarillo. Opening reception on Saturday June 28th from 7 to 10pm. Show runs through July 19th

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New Trunks Art: "Pop Star!"

"Pop Star" 32x24 on canvas

"Pop Star" 32x24 on canvas prior to ink and acrylic applications

What's the meaning behind "Pop Star?"...

Okay. Here goes. “Pop Star” was inspired by a reality television show. There. I said it. Sorry if I made you spill your Pinot Noir with that unseemly revelation, but I had to come clean. And to make matters worse, that inspiration came from none other than the last season of ‘American Idol.’ But as trivial and commercial as that sounds, I couldn’t help being attracted to the passion and courage of the show’s final contestants. Putting questionable guest artists and predictable show formats aside, these young people pumped me up each week because when the music was cued, rather than being afraid of failing in front of a national TV audience – they had the courage to succeed.

In the “Pop Star” composition, I tried to convey a whirlwind of intrusive activity that practically engulfs our budding superstar – but instead of being swept away by the Hollywood Machine, we see an artist more focused on making her audience feel what she feels. Two tickets, please!

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