Monday, April 19, 2010

Chuck Trunks' Precision Abstracts Receives a 2009 Constant Contact All-Star Award!

Camarillo, CA — April 19, 2010 - Chuck Trunks' Precision Abstracts, today announced that it has received a 2009 All-Star Award from Constant Contact®, Inc., a leading provider of email marketing, event marketing, and online survey tools for small organizations. Trunks was selected for meeting Constant Contact’s best-practice standards for the use of Email Marketing throughout 2009.

“At first, I thought my emails would just end up in spam folders but after following the advice of Constant Contact and staying in-tune with what people want to see and read, it has really impacted my bottomline.”

Trunks' Precision Abstracts received a 2009 Constant Contact All-Star Award for demonstrating best practices in the effective use of Constant Contact Email Marketing in the following areas:

• Frequency of campaigns
• Open rates
• Bounce rates
• Click through rates

“Our customers work hard to build strong relationships with their customers through email marketing and some, such as Trunks , truly excel in this effort,” said Gail Goodman, CEO, Constant Contact. “We created our All-Star Awards to highlight those customers who are passionately committed to following our best practices as they work to improve their customer communications. We’re proud of the role we play in helping Trunks be successful and we look forward to continuing to assist him with his marketing efforts.”

About Constant Contact, Inc.
With more than 350,000 customers, Constant Contact, Inc. is a leading provider of email marketing, event marketing, and online surveys for small businesses, nonprofits, and member associations. Founded in 1995, Constant Contact helps small organizations grow stronger customer relationships by delivering professional, low cost, easy-to-use online tools backed with award-winning support, education and personal coaching. Constant Contact is a publicly traded company (Nasdaq: CTCT) with offices located in Waltham, Mass.; Loveland, Colo.; and Delray, Fla. To learn more, please visit or call 781-472-8100.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Coming Soon: TRUNKS ART on LAMPS!

This is just a heads-up regarding my recent partnership with LA based Lamp-In-A-Box, a company uniquely focused on dressing up lifeless lampshades with all kinds of custom art - including mine! To learn more about Lamp-In-A-Box, please visit them at

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New TRUNKS ART Release: "Beam Me Up" is the latest composition in my 'A Okay' Series!

I’m not exactly sure when it happened – when I went straight from thinking, “Are you kidding me?” to mouthing the words, “Beam Me Up!” I mean, I didn’t even get to experience the slightly less cynical “Take me with you!” stage. What’s that you ask? What am I even talking about? Oh, I’m sorry. You’re not familiar with the classic social evolution of sensitive artists (my bad). Fortunately, I have a nice summary for you:

Stage 1 – “Are you kidding me?!” – One becomes aware of surrounding morons.

Stage 2 – “Take me with you!” – One begins to cling to the less moronic.

Stage 3 – “Beam Me Up!” – One finally realizes that they are utterly alone on this planet.

Even though the mother ship hasn’t responded to my persistent calls for rescue (sigh), I’m ready when they’re ready but the best of what I’ve experienced will be neatly packed in my carry-on.

"Beam Me Up" is part of my "A Okay" Series. It's available in various sizes on paper or canvas as limited edition prints (75). Licensing of this image is available as well. To see more of my work, please visit my website at