Thursday, June 24, 2010

TRUNKS ART is featured in the "Creative Types" Art Section of the VC Reporter!

Ventura, CA — June 24, 2010 — Chuck Trunks' Precision Abstracts is featured in Claudia Pardo McFadyen's "Creative Types" column in the Ventura County Reporter Magazine:

Don’t order the lobster
When it comes to the business of art, Trunks tackles it with the same precision as his line renderings. He is refreshingly unapologetic about making a lucrative career in art, and draws a clear working ethic for himself and for those he associates with. Trunks expects only the utmost respect from business partnerships. “It’s like the first date,” he explains. “She’s 20 minutes late, but you give her the benefit of the doubt. But then if she takes her phone out, orders the lobster — well, that benefit is lost. Same in business — if you tell me that you’ve sent the contract and it’s not true, well, you’re ordering the lobster.”

No shortcut to quality
Each painting takes at least five weeks to complete. Trunks enjoys the subtle deception they lend as they appear to be computer generated. “I like it when people discover that they’re entirely hand-painted,” he says. The work requires closer inspection to reveal the evidence of the artist’s hand. The exultant acrylic and ink paintings burst with intense color and elaborate compositions yet are contained by the precision of his lines. “I like it neat,” offers Trunks. Comparable to comic book imagery, Trunks’ harlequin pictorials begin with a black and white “skeleton” of hand-rendered yet surprisingly meticulous lines. “I think of color afterwards,”

Weird science
Trunks spent most of his scientific career at Amgen. “I was an OK scientist,” he confesses about his career in the biotech industry. During a 20-year period in the corporate world, Trunks’ extremely analytical understanding of science became a key element for his transition into the art world. Trunks utilized his own graphics as a means to translate his clear understating of scientific law into visual interpretations easily readable by the business executives he worked with. Thus, he became the connection between science and business through imagery.

Giclée is OK
Delving in all aspects of art promotion, marketing and licensing, Trunks treats his art as serious business. “I approach this business with confidence, with the wish to create a partnership,” he says. He uses the same systematic approach with his appointment book that he does with his painting technique, and rejects the romanticized notion of the starving artist by capitalizing on the reproduction and licensing of his original paintings.

Luck of the draw
The quote from Thomas Jefferson, “The harder I work, the more luck I have,” unequivocally rings true in Trunks’ case, as serendipitous experiences and lucky encounters lead not only to solid opportunities for exposure and growth, but to continuous bouts of inspiration and encouragement. Unintentionally holding a 20-minute conversation with iconic American pop artist Peter Max or swimming in a pool, on a cruise ship, covered with the work of Brazilian-born artist Romero Britto — both of whom share Trunks’ uplifting imagery, bold compositions and use of vibrant colors — would certainly be attributed to luck by many. But Trunks is deeply conscious that this serendipity is accompanied by methodical and consistent hard work.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

TRUNKS ART gets somewhat deep with "Deep Sea Lovers!"

If you’ve read a few of my other abstracts, you’re probably thinking that I’ve created an image that cleverly embodies the various blissful (and not so blissful) gyrations of the endangered committed relationship. Fortunately, “Deep Sea Lovers” isn’t that deep – it’s simply about sharing the activities that bring us joy. For me, real joy comes in the form of body boarding, snow skiing and seeing the beautiful world beneath the waves. And if you can share it with someone special – well then – you pretty much have it all.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

TRUNKS ART partners with Pi Design to produce high quality POSTER PRINTS!

I finally found a terrific local company to produce my TRUNKS ART POSTERS! Pi Studio Printing is a component of Pi Design, a boutique graphic design firm located about 5.2 bike miles from my house in Camarillo. If you've spent time looking at my artwork, checking out my website or have sat down and had coffee with me, you know I'm all about the details. To me, 'details' are what make my art and art business successful and what will ultimately be the death of me. I can honestly say that Pi Studio Printing produces absolutely beautiful TRUNKS ART POSTER PRINTS on super high-quality Luster photo paper. When they showed me samples of what customers will be receiving, I was like, "Let's do this!" And remember, I mostly hate everything since I swim in the details on a daily basis. Believe me, you will love these posters because the Pi Studio Printing people are professionals who can make me very happy with their service and quality. And if they can make ME happy...well, you know the rest!

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