Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Just Peachy" is the latest addition to my 'Hopes and Dreams Series!'

"Just Peachy" 24"x32" limited edition giclees on canvas and paper. "Just Peachy" is the fourth abstract within a series of art focusing on our hope and dreams. Completion of this series is scheduled for Spring 2008. What's "Just Peachy" all about? Read on...

"I want my MTV."

Back in the early eighties, teenage distractions consisted of things like Pac-Man, Rubik's Cubes and of course – MTV. Fascinating stuff at the time but not too addicting to have driven us into the abyss like we're seeing with so many of today's kids – but to be fair, we didn't have X-Boxes, MySpace pages or YouTube videos – we couldn't even text each other!

"Just Peachy" is about how all these distractions will eventually catch up with today's teens. In the picture, a girl takes a break from roller skating to sit in front of a black and white mosaic that represents the not-so-nice realities of achieving independent life in this society. While the contrasting color scheme below suggests a coddled existence under her parent's care, the color above suggests that in her mind more of the same comforts await her storybook future.

But with such a harsh wake-up call looming around the corner; will she be able to overcome the pull of the rabbit hole? Chances are she will. If we managed to get somewhere in life, so will she – even if MTV is now a podcast download.

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