Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wake up to new Trunks Art: "Day Break"

"Day Break" 32"x24" limited edition giclees on canvas and paper. "Day Break" is the fifth abstract within a series of art focusing on our hope and dreams. Completion of this series is scheduled for Spring 2008. What's "Day Break" all about? Read on...

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of depressing news that pours out of my computer, TV, radio and newspaper. If it’s not about the economy looming on the brink of a recession, it’s about an uninspiring presidential election. If it’s not about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s about the latest campus shooting rampage. At this point, ESPN is the only news I can count on – oh wait a second – there’s the whole steroids thing in front of congress right now. Man! See what I mean?

Notice how the composition doesn’t have images relating to stuffing a mattress with money and moving into a shack in the woods. That’s because “Day Break” is about the ‘other’ alternative to coping with the non-stop negative chatter: a positive attitude. I can’t stop the banks from foreclosing on people’s homes. And, I can’t force Al Gore to run for president. But I can choose to start my day with an outlook that focuses on what IS right and beautiful in this world.

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