Friday, January 2, 2009

DecalGirl Rolls Out "PQC" - Another New Skin From TRUNKS ART! (click image for larger, clearer view)... has just released the new "PQC" skins from TRUNKS ART! Besides what's shown in the picture, has PQC skins for the original iPhone, the Asus Eee PC laptop, the LG Voyager and Motorola's popular RAZR phone.

To see other TRUNKS ART images offered by DecalGirl, just type the image title in the 'search box' on's homepage. DecalGirl carries the following TRUNKS ART images:

Round 2, Glamtropolis, Pop Star, Can You Hear, DNA Nation, Toxic Rewind, IM, and PQC.

To check out my skins at DecalGirl, please visit their website at

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