Monday, April 20, 2009

New TRUNKS ART Release: On Your Marks..."Race Day!"

"Race Day" is definitely a slight departure from my usual works. Actually, this fun and lighthearted piece was created in response to requests I've received from various running and fitness organizations here in Ventura that said, don't be shocked to see this image on a whole bunch of T-shirts in the near future!

Here's more of the meaning behind this piece:
If you knew me (even slightly) in the 90's, chances were I was just a blur running by. I ran so much that whole life phases came second to weekly mileage, interval training and weekend races. But spending all that time on the roads and trails wasn't always so uneventful. I ran the first few miles of the L.A. Marathon with actor Dennis Quaid, bumped into Olympian Bruce Jenner on the Los Robles Trail and was mistakenly hugged by actress Jamie Lee Curtis in Malibu! I even ran right up to and met former President Ronald Reagan in Santa Monica and did the same thing to former Vice President Dick Cheney in Austin – apparently, I'm not very dangerous looking as I was able to zip right through the Secret Service guys without making one of them put a nervous finger on their ear piece…really?!

Meeting celebs and VIPs was pretty cool, but the real characters were the people I trained and raced with – a bunch of good guys and gals who went from mere training partners to dear friends. “Race Day” doesn't even come close to capturing the cherished hilarity of all these fine folks but the message is clear – getting to know these people was the best part of running – or this image would've been a picture of me hugging Jamie Lee Curtis!

*"Race Day" (32x24) is part of my A La Art Series. It's available on paper or canvas as limited edition prints (75). Licensing of this image is available as well.

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