Saturday, January 22, 2011

TRUNKS ART partners with LA's LAMP-IN-A-BOX!

Lamp-In-A-box was started in 2007 by Daniel Cytrynowicz, who had been designing and manufacturing lighting in Culver City, California since 1999 under the name Maura Daniel. The concept from the very beginning was to redefine the perception and experience of lamps. Inspired by "Swatch" and the T-Shirt industry, Lamp-In-A-Box created unique, affordable and fun table lamps, using its original designs. Soon after, Lamp-In-A-Box approached and embarked in partnerships with several artists as well as iconic brands in order to make lamps even more relevant to people's individual tastes and lifestyles. TRUNKS ART is proud to be affiliated with Lamp-In-A-Box because of it's superior attention to customer satisfaction and high quality lamps!

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