Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New logo for Chuck Trunks' Precision Abstracts!

Camarillo, CA — March 28, 2012 — When I think back to my working days in corporate America, I can remember shuffling into a conference room with the rest of the newly formed project team only to hear that our first order of business was to create a logo. What the...?! A logo?! I've never understood that since a logo is supposed to represent not only the goal of the initiative but the philosophy behind the method of execution. Well, I'm no longer trolling meeting rooms anymore so I can follow my own logic. After almost 8 years of art, NOW I can make a logo because NOW I understand the purpose of my work - and it only took 8 years! My art is based on happy, So-Cal beach themes through the use of brilliant, attractive colors.

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