Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Westside Art Walk Reception brought BIG crowds to the TRUNKS ART/Jodi Anthony art opening! (Show closes September 1st)

Ventura, CA — July 25, 2012 — Ventura's Annual Summertime Westside Art Walk was a huge success last weekend. Record crowds brought record buyers to the event and the art reception turnout for Chuck Trunks and Jodi Anthony at Fox Fine Jewelry was no exception.
Jody Anthony's canvases reflect her graphics experience: bold colors and defined lines. Her subject matter focuses on the the healing power of the divine feminine and close inspection of her work reveals details, patterns and symbols of deeper meaning.
Chuck Trunks is a 24 year Ventura County resident who had a twenty year career at Amgen, mostly in the biotech field. Now a full time artist, these years of experience helped him develop his unique processes for his "surfboard art." Trunks intends his surfboards to offer a social and cultural commentary about our world today.

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