Monday, March 18, 2024

Yes, I think it's possible. "Being Happy: The Pursuit of You" is worth the read. I promise!

Nampa, Idaho  - March 18, 2024 - An excerpt from Chapter 3:

"By the time I stopped for gas in Pismo Beach while on the way back to Camarillo from Paso Robles, I knew in my heart that my training and racing days were truly behind me because I was already fantasizing about sleeping in and eating pizza again. And when I reached the stretch of Highway 101 between Santa Barbara and Ventura, I moved into the right lane and set the cruise control to the slowest speed I could get away with so I could steal glances at the Pacific Ocean through the passenger side window. I can still remember how the rippling surf picked up the last of the day's fading light, innocently distracting observers like me from thinking about the teeming life just below the surface. I wasn't disappointed when the highway began to veer away from the coastline since an orange sliver of sun was all that remained, making it too dark to see. My mind was elsewhere anyway. All I could think about was the teeming life inside of me..."  💓

Back Cover:

Who do I think I am? What gives me the right? I'm no Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, or Viktor Frankl, yet I've written a book about finding happiness by controlling emotions, investing in the current moment, and having a meaningful purpose. The nerve!

More than 100 billion human beings have lived and died on this planet, and I'm guessing that every one of them wanted to be happy. I'm also guessing that very few of them wrote books about being happy. What's unique about my book is that I will take you on an open and honest journey using real events from my life that will entertain you, make you feel, relate, and think while being shown exactly how I came to discover and harness the happiness and fulfillment that was hiding inside me all these years.

I offer my humble story with the hope that it'll help you find yours, too. 💓

"Being Happy: The Pursuit of You" is on Amazon now.

Trunks Art moved from Raleigh, North Carolina to Nampa, Idaho in 2022 and has made this city his home and writing inspiration.

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