Tuesday, June 18, 2024

"Be Still My Heart: A Code for Love" by Chuck Trunks is worth the read! Who wouldn't relate to my story about finding love after 50?


Columbia, South Carolina  - June 18, 2024 - An excerpt from Chapter 6:

"I was prepared for the white wine to spray from her mouth, but not the condescending tone. I have to admit that the worst of me makes a guest appearance as soon as someone seizes the higher moral ground, which, in my opinion, is the first move toward an attempt to shame me. Men hate to be shamed. I hate to be shamed. In an instant, I decided then and there that I wouldn't say another word to Cassie until she asked me why I wasn't saying anything. Then, instead of telling her an amazing story about the photo shoot, I'd offer a mini-TED talk on the virtue of seeking to understand rather than rushing to assume the worst. It wasn't the uncomfortable truth I had planned on, but it would still give me a chance to pump life back into this uninspiring date..."

Back Cover:

How many times do we have to hear, "You're not trying hard enough," "You're going about it the wrong way," or "You need to step outside your comfort zone?" At first, I bristled at such tiresome platitudes, yet there I was, rolling up my sleeves, putting myself out there, and believing that life gives you exactly what you put into it.

But does it? Has life really given you exactly what you deserve? When so many of us can't find romantic love, meaningful work, a true friend, a permanent home, or enough money to live on, I can't help but think that something other than our own poor choices and self-defeating behaviors is working behind the scenes to keep us from acquiring happiness, success, and fulfillment. To me, it just doesn't add up.

Be Still My Heart: A Code for Love will not only reveal what's hidden behind the curtain, but you'll come to understand that your lot in life isn't all your fault. 💖💖💖 

Trunks Art moved from Nampa, Idaho to Columbia, South Carolina in 2024 and has made this city his home and writing inspiration.

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