Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Trunks Art Release: "Round 2" Completes the Hopes and Dreams Series!

"Round 2" mixed media (ink and acrylic) on canvas. 24x32 canvas and paper prints are available. Limited edition size is set at 75.

Here's a little insight into what I was thinking when I was creating "Round 2"...

As I watch the historic U.S. presidential elections unfold and reflect on the recent summer Olympic games in Beijing, I think it’s fair to say that 2008 has proven that ‘girlie toughness’ isn’t just an endearing term from an Oscar award winning movie – it’s a real quality in many of the women that we’ve grown to appreciate and admire.

Not only did I create this composition to pay tribute to the smart, hard working and beautiful women that surround many of us, my ultimate hope is that the casual observer will pick up on the oh-so-subtle details and experience a momentary flicker of underestimation right before recalling the title of this piece. Ding! Ding! Too late…Round 2 just started.

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