Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Commission Piece: A TRUNKS ART Original!

The first thing I'm usually asked when it comes to my commission pieces is "How do you make sure that the client will be happy with the finished product?" To get things started, I normally sit down with the client and ask them questions like, "What message do you want the piece to say?" and "Do you have a preference for certain kinds of imagery?" To better understand what kind of mood they're targeting, I'll ask them about colors.

The first image you see below is the final product I created for PQC Consulting, Inc., a global consulting firm specializing in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. They wanted an image that focused on their ability to help overseas start-ups take their discoveries from the laboratory to the marketplace.

But soon after the initial interview, I provided the client with sketches. In this case, PQC wanted a combination of the two I gave them (see the sketch image below). Lastly, before I applied color to the piece, I sat down with the client again to make sure I captured the right mood. As you can see below, the color version is pretty dramatic when compared to the black and white version.

"PQC" - The final product - framed, 24"x32" on canvas.

"PQC" - colored web image.

"PQC" - web image prior to adding color.

"Submitted sketch work."

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