Friday, July 3, 2009

Ventura Family YMCA adds "RACE DAY" to its' newly renovated Teen Center!

Pictured above: Chuck Trunks, Amy Bailey (Sr. Director of Marketing and Programs), Margo Byrne (Executive Director), Kate Bucey (Director of Administration Services), Rich Gross (Director of Heath and Wellness) and two actual YMCA members! Not pictured: Jacob Munyon (Director of Childcare).

I guess timing is everything. I pretty much finished "Race Day" right about the same time that the Ventura Family YMCA was putting its' own finishing touches on their newly renovated Teen and Childcare Center. Since the colors, mood and theme of this piece matched up with what the YMCA was looking for, all I had to do was create an extra large reproduction and customize it per Jacob Munyon, Director of Childcare Services. The best part of doing this for the Ventura YMCA was delivering the piece to such a friendly group. Despite functioning as fast-paced as a supermarket right after an earthquake tremor, the YMCA is staffed by people who have as much fun as the members who go in and out of a lobby area that could double as a rush hour subway platform! Seriously though, the facility may be busy but it's highly organized. And as for the staff, they're welcoming and willing to earn your patronage.

To visit the Ventura Family YMCA and see my work in the Teen Center, just drive over to their facility at 3760 Telegraph Rd., Ventura, CA 93003. For directions, here's a google map.

Pictured above: Chuck Trunks putting the final touches on a customized reproduction of "Race Day" for the Ventura Family YMCA.

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Unknown said...

That is so cool, Chuck! Do you still swim there? Now you can see your work at work while you swim! :-)