Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New TRUNKS ART Release: "Wine Boggling!"

Is it me? Or is it more stressful to buy wine than mutual funds? I started thinking about this when I noticed that my mouse will hover over the 'buy fund button' on my broker's web page for about 3 minutes versus the 30 minutes or so I spend in the wine aisle trying to decide what I'm going to bring to the dinner party. Choose the wrong mutual fund and you'll just have to wait a little bit until the market turns around; choose the wrong wine and you could seriously jeopardize your social standing: "Egads! Who brought this vile rot?"

To get the help I needed, I first had to stop judging self-proclaimed wine lovers as just another version of the childhood story, The Emperor's New Clothes. "Oh my...the bouquet on this Pinot is to die for!" All that used to make me sick to my stomach until one of these connoisseurs bravely invited me to join her and her friends for some wine tasting. After only 10 minutes of trying this wine and that wine, I not only learned that it's good to have friends that know something about wine, I discovered that the emperor really does look sporty in his new getup! "Wine Boggling" is part of my "A La Art Series" and promises not to pass judgment if you happen to enjoy wine from a box.

*"Wine Boggling" (24x32) is part of my A La Art Series. It's available on paper or canvas as limited edition prints (75). Licensing of this image is available as well.

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