Sunday, May 9, 2010

TRUNKS ART busts out a brand new image: "Twurfer Dude!"

As a social media minimalist, I was surprised to find myself on a website that provided a glossary of Twitter terms – better known as a ‘twittonary.’ After carefully reading through the definitions, I figure I’m somewhere between ‘twittphilia’ (an obsession with all things Twitter) and ‘twittanoia’ (an intense aversion to Twitter). And I’ve never personally experienced ‘twittphoria’ (the elation one feels when the person you’ve added decides to follow you back) or ‘twittilation’ (um…you can figure that one out for yourself). So when I saw that ‘twurfer’ wasn’t on the list (or on any other list), I decided to come up with my own definition (any wave rider willing to tweet surf conditions between sets) as well as create an image surrounding the ‘twurfer dude.’

"Twurfer Dude" is part of my "A Okay" Series. It's available in various sizes on paper or canvas as limited edition prints (75). Licensing of this image is available as well. To see more of my work, please visit my website at

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