Sunday, October 21, 2012

Custom surfboard signage from TRUNKS ART attracts attention and brings in customers!

Camarillo, CA — October 21, 2012 — Going into my fourth year of creating custom surfboard art and signage, I continue to be blown away from my customers who keep finding new ways to use my work in situations I never even thought of. Besides using my boards as signs to attract customers to their businesses, companies are using them as promotional giveaways, gifts to loyal customers and as recognition awards. And while homeowners are hanging the boards in beach themed bonus rooms and dens, parents are having me create boards that feature their child's name with artwork that reflects their interests and personality. What a cool birthday present!

With all this surfboard art and signage activity, I meet a lot of nice people who ask me the same questions about my work. So, I thought I'd provide my loyal blog followers with some FAQs:

Q: What makes up a TRUNKS ART surfboard sign?
A: My finished product consists of a high-tech vinyl adhesive that is custom fit to a new or used surfboard. If the board won't be used for surfing, hardware for hanging is included and installed.

Q: What?! You can surf on a surfboard with the vinyl adhesive?
A: Yes you can. The vinyl is similar to the vinyl adhesives used to cover the NASCAR racecars with all those colorful, sponsorship logos and is rated to withstand harsh sunlight, inclement weather and yes, even ocean water. If the board is going to be surfed on, I'll typically apply the vinyl to the fin side so top side waxing doesn't obscure the artwork.

Q: Other than surfing, how are my surfboards used?
A: Businesses have been using my surfboards for indoor and outdoor signage that usually features the company's logo. Also, restaurants that cater off-site events use my boards to hang on their canopies and trailers to serve as unique signage and as background during photo opportunities. And as I mentioned above, my boards are used as promotional giveaways, gifts to loyal customers and as recognition awards. Non-business owners have been adding my work to their beach themed patios and recreation rooms while proud parents are having me create custom boards for their kid's birthdays, graduations...etc.

Q: Are the boards expensive?
A: My custom surfboard art and signage is inexpensive because I pass along discounts I receive from various surfboard shops. Prices are determined by the size of the board, whether it's used or new and by the complexity of the artwork.

Q: How long will it take me to make one of my boards for you?
A: Since all of my surfboards are custom made, it usually takes me around 2 weeks from start to finish. Selecting the perfect board, creating a specific vinyl template and designing the artwork takes a lot of detail work - but it's totally worth it!

To see more of my work, please visit my website and blog. If you're interested in having a custom art surfboard brighten up your home, office or business, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to help you! *Sales of all boards are shared with the Surfrider Foundation of Ventura County. *Photos courtesy of Claudia Pardo.

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