Monday, July 23, 2018

"Sickamore Kove" art piece for the Conejo Valley Guide (.com) by Trunks Art!

Ventura County, California - July 23, 2018 - "Sickamore Kove" (#2/6) - Not one for traffic and parking hassles, I always try to find alternatives to mitigate those summertime frustrations. Take Sycamore Cove in Ventura County in Southern California for instance.  Sitting at the northern end of the Santa Monica Mountains, it offers tranquil surf, a clean beach, plenty of shade trees, bathrooms and on-duty lifeguards to watch over you, your family and friends.  Forget driving there! Instead, park your car up in Newbury Park at the trailhead on Potrero Road and hike, bike or run through the canyon to Sycamore Cove.  It's ONLY about 10 miles and believe me - it'll feel like a dessert oasis when you get there!  The folks at the Conejo Valley Guide (.com) know what I'm talking about!

Trunks Art moved to Boise from Los Angeles in 2015 and has made this city his home and art inspiration.

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