Monday, December 28, 2020

BRAND NEW work from TRUNKS ART! "Sounds of Silence" is the 4th composition in the NATURE SERIES!

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - December 28, 2020 - "Sounds of Silence" (#4/12) - No, you're not looking at the back of a cereal box as you hunch over a bowl of Sugar Smacks; instead, it's a rendering of what comes to mind when I imagine the sounds of silence.  For as long as we've been on earth, human beings have always had a penchant to 'get back to nature.'  Why is that?  I think it's in our DNA to do so since we evolved right alongside babbling brooks, whispering winds, distant thunderclaps and the roar of oceans.  In a primal sense, the song of a hidden bird or the rustling of leaves on a forest floor has a way of calming us, sort of like nature's therapy.

A few years ago, I was on my bike deep in Utah's Snow Canyon State Park, near St. George, when I noticed that there was no sound at all.  Nothing.  It was so surreal that I stopped and sat down to listen to it.  Some 30 minutes later, I woke up in the middle of the red clay bike trail feeling both shocked that I fell asleep like that and ready to climb the monster hills that stood between me and my truck.  And, as I grinded up those long, steep inclines with red dust still on my arms and legs, I remember feeling a happiness in my heart, a quietness in my mind and a gratefulness for having heard the sounds of silence. 💖💖💖

Trunks Art moved to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho from Boise in 2020 and has made this city his home and art inspiration.

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