Tuesday, August 15, 2023

TRUNKS ART'S first book, "Heart Appreciation: Stories of Gratitude" is a reminder that gratitude is above pride.

Nampa, Idaho  - August 15, 2023 - I think it's a healthy practice to take pride in one's accomplishments. Otherwise, it would be pretty difficult to create and maintain a sense of self-worth. But taking self-praise to the levels I've seen on social media--especially over the past five or so years--can project a less than humble persona. It might even rub people the wrong way. If building self-esteem is like climbing a ladder, then gratitude is a rung above pride. I was inspired to write "Heart Appreciation: Stories of Gratitude" by the people who helped me become the person I am today. Without them, I certainly wouldn't have anything to brag about. ðŸ’–

Back Cover:

I found out early in life that good people bring you happiness while not-so-good people teach you lessons, but this book focuses on the great ones who give you lasting memories.

In this collection of personal and lyrical short stories, you will learn how a nine-year-old girl, a pro football legend, a Fortune 500 CEO, a feisty old man, a country boy, a Puerto Rican logistics manager, a new hire from Santa Barbara, a college buddy, and a high school gym teacher taught me about dignity, compassion, loyalty, charisma, humility, selflessness, and so much more.

These non-fiction reflections combine elements of humor, poetry, essay, and memoir and serve as reminders that we are truly a result of what we learn from others. I extend my deepest appreciation and gratitude to everyone mentioned in this book as well as to those who will be honored in subsequent compilations. ðŸ’–💖💖 

Trunks Art moved from Raleigh, North Carolina to Nampa, Idaho in 2022 and has made this city his home and writing inspiration.

To see more of my work, please have a look at more posts or email me at chucktrunks@gmail.com. Or, visit my website at www.trunksart.com.  Also, you can find me on Instagram (chucktrunks) and Facebook (Chuck Trunks).


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