Wednesday, September 2, 2009

'Just Peachy' gets an 80's make-over!

I was recently asked to create a retro piece depicting an 80's activity - and what could be more 80's than roller skating? I (like totally) hope you fancy this make-over of "Just Peachy" - to the max of course! Here's the story behind this creation:

“I want my MTVVVVV….” Back in the eighties, teenage distractions consisted of things like Pac-Man, Rubik’s Cubes and of course – MTV. Fascinating stuff at the time but not addicting enough to have driven us into the abyss like we’re seeing with so many of today’s kids – but to be fair, we didn’t have Play Stations, Twitter pages or YouTube. We couldn’t even…gulp…text each other!

“Just Peachy” is about how all these distractions, though fun, can lead to an unpreparedness when it comes time to focus on achieving independence. With such a harsh wake-up call looming around the corner, will she be able to overcome the pull of the rabbit hole? Chances are she will. If we managed to get somewhere in life, so will she – even if MTV is now a podcast download.

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