Wednesday, September 30, 2009

TRUNKS ART: Now on 1800 Tequila Bottles!

Earlier in the year, I was choosen as one of the winners of 1800 Tequila's Essential Artists Campaign for 2009. The "You Got A Problem?" piece from my USA Series was selected out of over 15,000 entries. Thank you to Proximo Spirits for this awesome distinction! Before the bottles hit the shelves all over the U.S. next month, I thought you might like to see this nifty video that showcases the winning entries. Enjoy!

To watch it on YouTube's website, please click here.

The above clip is just the "Trunks" portion...nice job guys!

Pictured Above: "You Got A Problem?" on 1800 Tequila's cool bottle.

From 1800 Tequila:1800 proudly introduces 12 new limited edition artist designed bottles. Featuring 11 user generated designs and 1 design from a celebrity artist (Shepard Faireys Studio Number One) 1800 Tequila's Essential Artist series celebrates work that is vibrant, unique and essential. For more information and where to purchase, visit

To see and read more of my art work or to contact me about creating something unique for you, please visit my website at


Rich Brimer said...

Hey Chuck. This is great promotion for you. Did you get a bottle as a keepsake? If they are still around, I'll take one. How much?

Chuck Trunks said...

Hey Rich. Thanks a's a pretty big score. No bottles yet...this is all just starting to happen. Bottles are like $40 and I hope to get a bunch to hand out to friends like you. -Chuck

Rich Brimer said...

Heck, I'll buy one, just let me know when they come in. What a great scam they are working ... get 1800 artists to get their own art on a bottle and they each buy a case or two. Awesome marketing!!! I def want one. :D

SteveOramA said...

I'm proud to have my bottle next to yours on a shelf.

Chuck Trunks said...

Hey Steve. Congrats on being the grand prize winner - you totally deserve it. What's funny is that I just tried finding you on twitter (no dice) then I see this comment from you - perfect! Hope to be shaking your hand in person soon... Signed, the next bottle over.

SteveOramA said...

Thanks man! Yeah, I don't know why but Twitter doesn't show me in searches.

kelly said...

Hi Chuck - congratulations. I'll be on the look out to purchase one of these bottles when it comes out. Great job, well deserved. Kelly

Unknown said...


Do you sell these to the public if I wanted to purchase one w/ my own graphic?

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