Sunday, November 22, 2020

TRUNKS ART is "Under Pressure!" This is the second of twelve nature inspired compositions!

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - November 21, 2020 - "Under Pressure" (#2/12) -  Did you know that Earth has its own pressure relief valve?  Actually, there are 600 of them on land and 3 times as many under the ocean and NOT one of them is a reset button!  "Damn you, 2020! DAMN YOU!!" (shakes fist at nothing toward the cold, grey, uncaring, winter sky).  What's even more interesting is that at any given moment, 10 to 20 volcanoes are erupting!  "Gees, Earth, why so stressed?" (said without a shred of biting sarcasm).  Turns out, when the earth's mantle is melted by the core, the molten rock (or magma) rises to the surface as lava to reestablish that much needed equilibrium.  Ha! This is oddly similar to what I need to do from time to time.  After finding a quiet, private place, I whip out my phone and go to my 'tried and true' YouTube lineup of 8 inspiring videos.  I've seen them hundreds of times and yet they always melt my freeze dried heart and remind me of two things: relationships matter most and that life is beautiful. 💖💖💖

Trunks Art moved to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho from Boise in 2020 and has made this city his home and art inspiration.

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